Homework Helper:

Language Homework:
Language homework will not be every week. Please check the agenda for when it is due. This homework activity sheet consists of four days of questions. They have a cheat sheet in their language notebooks and it's on the wiki as well. The skills on these homework sheets are 4th grade skills that should have been mastered already. We will be completing a few of these sheets together before one will be sent home for homework. As each sheet is due it will be posted here.

Reading Homework:
Every week 4 reading activities from the fiction or non fiction activities sheets are due on Friday. They have a sheet with a story or article on it with daily questions that will need to be completed. It is to be turned in on Fridays. This sheet is given to them the Friday before it is due. Along with this written homework the students are expected to read every evening for twenty minutes. This helps them to increase their reading stamina.

Spelling Homework:

Every week 4 spelling activities will be due on Friday. The activities are not time consuming and the students are given the new words the previous week. They have 6 days to complete the 4 activities. Please remember that the more time spent with the words the more familiar they become to them.

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